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Art Department

The Juniata Art Club is run by the art teacher, Mrs. Sutton. Our meeting days differ occasionally from year to year, but a little asking around will let you know when to come.

Art Club is offered as a free studio time for students who are interested. There is no ‘membership’, and you don’t need permission to come. Just walk in! (It is not at all necessary to have an art class. We understand you may not have had room in your schedule. Don’t let that stop your art!)

We meet in the Art room (Room 112), but during play season, we often work on painting the sets and props.

This is a light, fun environment where one can relax and work on any type of art they wish. From clay to cloth, all types of art are encouraged, and broadening your horizons is the most encouraged of all!

Below are several video links you may enjoy from when our visiting artist was on campus during the 2013-14 school year……..








Van Gogh



Contact Us

Mrs. Sara Sutton,
JHS Art Teacher