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State Testing

Throughout a student’s high school career, he or she will be faced with different tests that he or she will need to take. Below is a list of tests that Juniata High School students will either need to take during their time at JHS along with how to register for them (if needed):

Required Tests

Keystone Exams

Keystone Exams are state-mandated tests that students will take upon completion of certain courses. Results of these courses are used to determine AYP for JHS.
These exams are scored using Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Baisc indicators. If students score Basic or Below Basic, they are required to retake the test.
Beginning with the Class of 2017, Keystone Exams will be used in determining whether or not a student will graduate.
As of the 2012-2013 school year, Keystone Exams will be given in Literature, Biology, and Algebra. Keystone Exams in additional subject areas will be given in future years.
Students will have the opportunity to take the Keystone Exams twice per school year. They will be given in both the Winter and the Spring.