Dreamland by Glass Animals was released on August 7, 2020. It is their third studio album and their most successful album. The album received 100 million streams in the first week of its release. The album is said to have a nostalgic vibe to it. Their song “Heat Waves” amassed a lot of streams after an online story was published based on the song. Dave Bayley, lead singer, wrote it by himself. After Joe Seaward (a fellow member of the band) got hit by a truck, Bayley turned to songwriting to talk about old memories between them. Seaward made a full recovery and they recorded the album in 2019. After finding the album in 2020, I instantly fell in love with the vibe of it. It portrayed a nostalgic feeling in both happy and sad ways. The top songs on the album are “Heat Waves” and “Helium”. I personally have been an avid fan of “Domestic Bliss”. The album carries a very different vibe from their last album, How to be a Human Being. As of April of last year, Bayley has reported that he is not working on any new music yet, but will eventually get around to a new album. Glass Animals has a very promising future after their rise in popularity from their last album.