Last Friday, Lovejoy started their new era of music by dropping their new song “Call Me What You Like”. The song has already amassed over a million streams on Spotify. The main singer of Lovejoy, Wilbur Soot, first mentioned the song and its title on his twitter account during a Q&A. Many fans waited in excitement (including me, of course) for the song to release. This is Lovejoy’s first song since October 14, 2021. It’s also the first single to be released on their new album that has no release date yet. On top of this song release, they recently announced their Across The Pond Tour. The tickets were in high demand from many people. Did I very competitively try to get tickets but ultimately lose the opportunity because I was 2000+ in the queue? I could not tell you because that would be embarrassing to admit. Anyways, this start to the new era is very exciting and fans are waiting very patiently (not at all patiently) for the new album to be announced. The song itself is a masterpiece, arguably one of their bests. I can’t wait to see how this new era of Lovejoy goes for them.