Some news that I’m sure a great majority of Americans and people around the globe know that is happening is the China weather(spy) balloon crisis. According to CBS News, on January 28th the balloon entered the United States airspace along the coast of Alaska. Given it’s path, China has stated that it blew off course, yet U.S. officials said that it was purposely blown to America’s airspace controlled by China. China has stated that it’s just a harmless weather balloon. A State Department official said in a statement that the balloon is, "Cleary for intelligence surveillance…multiple antennas…capable of collecting and geo-locating communications.” The Pentagon had been tracking the balloon since February 2nd, but 2 days later a U.S. fighter jet shot down the balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4th. China then stated that the U.S. has flown more weather balloons over their airspace. Since then more weather balloons have been seen over the U.S. and Canada.