With spring and Easter approaching, it’s good to have a set of festive decorations that get you into a joyful mood! The JHS After Prom is holding a sign painting party that will allow you to customize your own Easter/Spring themed sign that you can put anywhere around the house! The painting party will be held at Juniata High School in the cafeteria on February 26, 2023, and will be held at 1:00. Each sign costs $45 and all signs are on ¾ unframed wood boards. There will also be kits available for those who cannot make it to the party! In addition, there will be a bake sale and basket raffle to help raise money for the After Prom! This fundraiser is primarily to help raise funds that help to make the After Prom great for the kids attending prom! If you would like to register, please contact Bonita Gilson(717-994-5001), Lis Popp(814-880-7196), Jean Berry(717-348-8162), or register on fb: pine and paint designs. The deadline to sign up is Monday, February 20, so please register!