This year’s Donkey Basketball game had an excellent turnout full of laughs. Of course, the amazing Donkey Basketball cheerleaders kicked off the tournament, performing a very impressive routine! The first game was won by Green 2-0, putting the Yellow Team into the loser’s bracket. Mikah Hunt scored the only basket of the game to start the tournament. Pink was the victor of the next game, beating the Orange Team 4-2. Tyson Aurand and Louden Shaffer each scored a basket for the winning team. Taylor Smith scored two points for the Orange Team. Orange and Yellow went on to play the loser’s game, with Orange stealing the game 4-2. Cora Musser scored both baskets for her team to win. Danny Freed scored on the Yellow Team. The championship game was a blowout, as Green ran away with game 12-4. Ms. Storey— announcing the game— said Green probably scored the most points ever seen in a Juniata Donkey Basketball game. To make this achievement happen, Makih Hunt scored three times, Casey Smith twice, and Caleb Smith once. Louden Sheaffer and Tyson Aurand once again scored for the Pink team. This year four faculty members played the game on different teams for the first time. All the money made from the game was donated back to the senior class. Great job to all of this year's amazing participants— players, cheerleaders, and, of course, the donkeys!