The 2023 JHS volleyball tournament was a fun event. It was hosted in the JHS gym by the JHS Student Council. We had a total of 11 teams this year, two of which were faculty members and nine of which were students. The teams are as follows: Average Joes, Spikers of the House, (the faculty teams) Chewblockas, Hit and Run, BlockParty, The Powerpuff, Bandits, Volleyball FC, Dirty Dogs, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Team Canada. Most teams consisted of ten members—five girls and five boys. Two games were being played at all times until the final game. The game was just two dollars to enter, and there was even a concession stand at the game. All of the proceeds made at this event went to the JHS Student Council to further improve the school and other enjoyable activities run by the student council. The games were fun and very competitive! After a few student teams were knocked out, so were the teachers’ teams. Multiple student teams were left after they knocked the faculty out of the park, and the games continued to grow in intensity. The final game came down to Hungry Hungry Hippos and the Bandits. It was a suspense-filled game, but Bandits took the lead and won the 2023 volleyball tournament. They received medals, Swedish Fish, and bragging rights. Overall the annual volleyball tournament of 2023 was one for the books. It was a definite hit! (pun intended)