On Saturday and Sunday, February 18th and 19th, the Juniata FFA Chapter took a total of 21, both officers and other  agriculture students to ACES. ACES is a place FFA members go to, for a weekend, to learn and grow on the topic of FFA. At ACES the current state officers and some past state officers from over the years get together to plan out workshops where they teach us about different topics that can be used in FFA or everyday life. They base these workshops around the idea of “Writing your journey, Adventure is waiting.” This was also their motto to base the entire event off of for these year. This is a place both new and old members go there to learn how to use this motto in their everyday life, along with having some fun at the same time. These activities could be anything from swimming to a dance. ACES is known to be a place where you can meet new people and connect with other FFA members who share the same interests as you.