23 Spring Training

Baseball is back, and it’s different than last year. Inaugurating this year is the new pitch clock that's already being used in minor-league baseball and college baseball. With no runners on the batter and the pitcher getting 20 seconds when the players are set, the ball must be thrown on the eighth second, with runners players having 15 seconds to be set in position. If the batter does not get ready before the clock hits eight seconds, they will receive an automatic strike. If the pitcher is not ready, the batter has awarded a ball on their count. For more athleticism, the infield and outfield shifts have been wiped out, infielders can move around only when the ball is hit, and third basemen and shortstops cannot cross the second base same goes for first and second basemen. The bases have been enlarged from 15 inches adding three more to make injuries less likely on the field. Spring training so far has been dominated by minor leaguers trying to make it to the big leagues, and it looks promising this 2023 season.