Juniata XC States

After a phenomenal day for both boys and girls Indian teams at districts, the boys and freshmen Sylvia Brubaker headed to the Hershey Parkview course on November 4th to compete at states. The first race to go off for the team was the girls AA race with the lone frosh Brubaker in the huge field of XC states. Even with her little knowledge of the course and being alone, she didn’t let any of that affect her race. She ran an amazing race placing her in the All-State medalists with a 25th place which awarded her a medal with a time of 20:05, a very respectable time on the Hershey course. Baylee Espinosa from Lewisburg Area won the AA race with a time of 18:48. Coming from the great team win and a nice 1-2 punch at districts the week before, morale was high for the boys side. Leading the boys team from the gun was Jr, Wyatt Stroup with another all state medal with a respectable finish, placing 25th with a time of 16:54. Following shortly behind was Jr, Joey Bomberger with a time of 17:02. Rounding out the Indians was Jr, Wesley Ehrisman with a time of 18:03, So, Levi Zeiders, with a time of 18:42, Fr, Coy Kerstetter, Jr, Teagan Trout, with a time of 19:41, and So, Ricardo Guante with a time of 19:55. Ryan Pajak of Ringgold won the race with a course record of 15:21. The boys ended up finishing in 8th place as a team out of 21 teams in the AA race with a final score of 240 points. Wyatt Stroup states, “I think the team ran great, this was a good test to see where our team was being a young team and no one graduating next year. Next year is going to be really fun.” Wyatt and Sylvia echo each other, “The one thing we both agree on is we couldn’t have done it without our two wonderful coaches. Some members of the team will competing at Nike Regionals (NXR) up in New York on November 25th.