Music kids

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, Juniata High School’s band and choir held a concert. With the choir performing first, five songs were presented, including Bogoriditse Devo, Faint Music, Ecce Novum, Responsibility, and Bonse Aba. Ranging from lively and uplifting songs to somber and thought-provoking tunes, the choir presented a lovely range of music for parents and residents of Juniata. Shortly after, the band set up and began their performance. Playing five songs, the band showed their skill sets through a wide variety of arrangements. From swift tempos in songs such as Moravian Dance to slow-moving and elegant pieces in Alleluia, the band brought the audience beautiful melodies. The director, Mr. Eargle, said about these groups, “I think both did pretty well. There were a few really nice musical moments, especially the end of Alleluia, the middle of Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song, the middle of Bogoroditse Devo, and the end of Ecce Novum. There is always a scary thing or two that happens in a concert that hasn’t happened in a rehearsal before, like the first note of Bonse Aba or the beginning of Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song. You guys recovered well from them. So overall, good job, especially with the pieces that were more difficult.” To sum up the evening, the two musical groups of JHS performed well as a whole and as individual students. We hope to see you at the next concert!