Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re like me- a major procrastinator- this may be the article for you. On more than one occasion, I have had to scramble for a last minute Halloween costume; searching for Pinterest looks, articles, and blogs looking for something I may be able to throw together. I wasn’t very successful in finding good costumes, so I ended up trying to come up with ideas on my own. I was successful with my creations, so I figured I would write an article in an attempt to save someone from going through the struggle of finding a simple and impressive Halloween costume. 

 First off, the classic angel vs. devil. For an angel, you would wear all white, and for the devil, all red and a bit of black if you’re feeling saucy. For the key parts of the costumes you will need aluminum foil. For the angel, shape the foil into a halo, and if time permits, spray it with white spray paint. Do the same thing for the devil, but instead of a halo, use the aluminum foil to make devil ears and a tail, and use red spray paint. Last, the makeup. For the angel, aim for cold tones- lots of glitter and blue/white/gray. For the devil, red and black makeup will be good.

Next, the quarantine favorites, Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic. For Carol Baskin, you may need to raid your grandmother's closet for a mid-length floral t-shirt. Next, add baggy jeans, and the staple to Carol’s look-the flower crown. For Joe, the shirt should be button up and animal print- preferably tiger. Add jeans, a big flashy belt, and cowboy boots to finish off the look. If this look will give you PTSD dating back to quarantine, maybe avoid this option and pick another.

Holes the movie/book is very popular among younger people. The juvenile criminals are sent off to a camp where they dig holes. The main characters- Zero and Caveman- become friends in the story. They dig holes in a very distinct outfit that can be easily recreated. They wear white shirts, orange pants/overalls, and they carry around gallon jugs with their names written on it with sharpie. This would be a rather simple costume to throw together.

Last but not least, the scarecrow. I saved this for last because it may just be my favorite easy costume to do. You need a flannel, either jeans or overalls, boots (preferably cowboy), and a bandana wrapped around the neck. The makeup is the most important part of the scarecrow look. It can be done with black paint or other types of makeup. An example of what the makeup should look like is pictured below. 

I hope this may help the poor soul that forgot about that Halloween party they have to go to! Happy Halloween!