Art in Quarantine

This quarantine from school has brought many learning challenges for the students at JHS. The art students have found this especially challenging, having to leave their projects and supplies behind. During this quarantine, the students have been focusing on creating mini drawings and paintings to keep themselves busy. Each day the students receive two prompts to choose from, and have to either draw or paint what they envision from that prompt. The students of painting class have learned how to fulfill these requirements even if they don’t have paints at home, making their own watercolors from things like turmeric, cocoa powder, paprika, and food coloring. Below are some examples of the outstanding student art resulting from this quarantine. 

Art by Rachel Bowsemen. Prompt: Paint the perfect treehouse.

Art by Yahaira Montesino. Prompt: Paint what’s on your mind. 

Art by Aubrey Kirkland. Prompt: Paint what’s on your mind. 

Art by Emma Mianulli. Prompt: Combine 3 existing animals to create a completely new creature.