Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Forgot to get your significant other a gift? Well here are some last minute gifts to get your partner!

1- A roll of toilet paper! Nothing says I love you like a limited edition sold out quarantine toilet paper. Your other half can use this multi task object for cleaning up that mess of hair they got on the floor from cutting their barcode bangs they thought were a great idea .

2- A giant teddy bear! What could they possibly use a giant bear for besides taking up unnecessary space? Well who knows, but oh well you got them a gift and that’s all that matters.

3- Those strawberry candies you found in your grandma’s purse. They’ll love that linty floss flavored goodness! How thoughtful!

4- A coupon for a free handshake with your dad. With just this one coupon, the in-laws will be sure to love the fifth girl you brought over to meet them !!!

In all seriousness, no matter if you get them a gift this holiday, the best gift that you can give is your respect and love. Don’t forget the chocolate though!