Super Bowl Commercial Review

    Whether you admit it or not, the Super Bowl is a major part of the American lifestyle. Even if you don’t watch the big game, there are always the famous advertisements that catch the eye. The M&M’s commercial with its dry humour had an underlying message of being more watchful with your words. The Doritos commercial once again failed to disappoint, with this year’s ad starring a two dimensional version of Matthew McConaughey stuck in a vending machine. Bud Light’s commercial was a personal favorite, with the basic plot being a throng of Bud Light legends helping a driver to overturn his flipped Bud Light delivery truck. But as we know, with the best of the advertisements comes the worst of the bunch. Both Pringles and Skechers ads this year tried desperately to come across as funny and comedic but the jokes just couldn’t stick the landing. The absolute worst of the bunch came from Disney. Instead of even attempting anything special for this event of American importance, it just blandly and overtly used its time as a raw advertisement for Disney Plus. Overall, this year’s Super Bowl ads were a roller coaster of excitement, peppered with  a few disappointments. While some rose to the top and shone like stars, others sadly sank to the bottom in desolation.