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      May’s Monthly Recommendation is a heartwarming tale called Soul Surfer; a tale about a young girl that shows real talent in the surfing world when she suddenly becomes the victim of shark attack that leaves her without an arm.

      Soul Surfer (2012) is a movie that is based on a true story about a young Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) that suffers a horrific shark attack that occurred when she was out surfing with her friend and her friend’s father and brother. The 14ft Tiger shark took a bite of Bethany, taking with it her left arm and surfing spirit. However, throughout the movie, Hamilton begins to rise up and regain herself, relearning surfing without her arm to guide her.

      Soul Surfer earned a 75% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes and got fairly decent reviews. This movie may have a little extra Hollywood cheese, but overall gave off a wonderful message that even when you may be in the impact zone, you should get up and catch the next wave.

    If you’re looking for a movie with a great message and wholesome family moments then this movie is for you. This movie may be better suited for older children with its PG rating and slightly disturbing shark attack (nothing overly gruesome), however it is certainly a good watch.