Introducing October’s student of the month spotlight, we have Hannah Varner. Hannah is currently in 12th grade, a senior here at Juniata High School. Some of Hannah’s activities include youth group at the First Baptist Church of Juniata County, and dancing for the Margaret McCann
school of dance, which also helps her stay in shape. She resides currently in Mifflintown with her
family. So far, Hannah has not made the tough decision on which college she would like to
attend, but she does know she wants to go to a school that can offer her a good degree in
Physical therapy. Her favorite class in school is Advanced Biology. Hannah is a great person to
talk to if you need to put a smile on your face.

Congratulations to the other Student of the Month winners: 

9th Grade: Wyatt Ehrenzeller 

10th Grade: Slone Smith 

11th Grade: Dantae Harris