Under the Dome is a chilling and thrilling story that will keep you on your toes throughout the story. It all started on a warm, sunny day in a small town called Chester Mills. Life was going well for some and was not so well for others but life is about to get a little more complicated for everyone in Chester Mills. When they are cut off from all contact with those outside of this dome, some resort to taking control and not in a good way. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of the dome, including those on the outside of it.  Many travel around the town to see everything that is going on, all of the pain and turmoil in which this has brought out in the town. All kinds of problems arise in this town and many true colors are shown. When push comes to shove the town of Chester Mills must figure out who they trust enough to lead them. What would you do if you were in their shoes? Will they trust a more honest man or a man with connections, money, and power? Why is this Dome here? Why over Chester Mills? Read all about it in the first part of  Under the Dome by Stephen King.