One thing I think we can all agree on is that trash in the oceans and rivers is not a good thing. Well, do I have something to tell you so that you can help with this global problem! Team Seas is an organization created by famous youtubers Mrbeast and Mark Rober. Their goal for Team Seas is to raise $30 million dollars by the end of 2021. They will then use the $30 million to go toward voluntary beach clean ups and a non-profit company by the name of “The Ocean Cleanup”. The environmental goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the oceans and mass polluted rivers that lead up to the ocean. Each dollar donated is one less pound of trash from the sea and rivers!  “The Ocean Cleanup” is a company with robots called interceptors, which are 24/7 trash collecting robots that are fully off the grid by being solar powered and having a built-in rainwater collection system. The creator of “The Ocean Cleanup”, Boyan Slat, got his idea over a decade ago, when he was scuba diving in Greece and said he saw more plastic than fish! The key component and very interesting part of the project is the interceptors, which I learned about on YouTube. The interceptors work as robots that go down trash polluted rivers with a guard rail about 50 feet from the edge of the river. The rail floats on the water so fish don’t ram into it. The floating trash runs into the rail and rides down the river and gets on a conveyor belt on the interceptors that captures the trash and puts it into 6 huge trash tubs. When the tubs get full, they are floated away by the local waste management system, and what is recyclable is recycled,  and the rest is properly disposed of by the local trash management system. You can donate by going to teamseas.org or buying merchandise on store.teamseas.org. You may also donate on Mrbeast, Mark Rober, and countless other YouTube channels if the YouTuber put the link in his/her video. To promote this environmental project, Beast and Mark both uploaded videos on their channels and talked about Team Seas on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As of writing this article on November 21st, they are just a little over half way with raising 16.2 million dollars. The vast majority of money donated is small donations made from simple fundraisers like chores around the house or tooth fairy money under your pillow. Every dollar counts! So go to the link below and donate your money to help remove plastic and trash from our oceans.

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