The Rebel Fairy

On December 4, 2021, the Margaret McCann School of Dance will perform this year's winter ballet, The Rebel Fairy. Call 717-436-9806 to purchase your tickets for $10.00. Order soon, because tickets are selling out fast! The performance will take place at Juniata High School at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium. Come down to support Juniata County’s young ballerinas!

The cast list is as follows:


Mallory W

The Fairy Queen

Patrice P


Savanna E


Hannah V

The Season Fairies


Elizabeth B


Tessa F


Lily H & Riley V


Sarah H, Maya B, and Julia B


Airyannah S, Lexie G, Grace B

Bindi’s  Human Friends

Annie K, Calla M, Deryn S, Jalyssa Z, Ava K, Abbie B


Alayziah S, Ava C, Brody N, Mia W 

Dew Drops

 Abbie B, Gabby R, Olivia M, Paige M


Alayziah S, Ava C, Brody N, Mia W

Bindi at age 6

Noelle D

6th Birthday Guests

Olivia H, Brynnlee V, Emma B, Sofia R, Sawyer C, Stella R 

Bindi at age 9: 

Addi W 

9th Birthday Guests

Kaleigh C, Josi F, Geneva K, Maddie R, Catherine M, Kylea E, Addison H, Payton B

12th Birthday Guests

 Annie K, Calla Mi, Deryn S, Jalyssa Z, Ava K, Airyannah S, Abbie B, Mia W, Gabby R, Olivia M, Paige M

Tiki’s Fairy Friends

Deryn S, Annie K, Calla M, Ava K, Gabby R, Olivia M, Paige M

Human Children 

Sofia R, Sawyer C, Maddie R, Geneva K, Josi F, Kylea E, Catherine M, Kaleigh C, Addi W, Teagan B, Payton B, Lexi R, Ava R, Addison H


Noelle D, Brynnlee V, Amelia T, Ariadne B, Aubrey N, Emma B, Harper M, Kaylanna D, Kiera G, Margaret M, Savannah H, Stella R, Olivia S, Evelyn H, Lillen A