The newest COVID-19 variant, Omicron, was labeled a variant of concern by WHO. The Omicron variant is believed to be extremely transmissible. Not a lot is known about the variant since it was just discovered within the past few weeks. The variant shows that it can mutate and can infect people that have already had COVID-19 a lot easier than any other variant. Now as more research is done in the coming days and weeks, more light will be shed on the variant, and we will know more about it and how we can help prevent the spread of it along with all COVID variants. As of right now the variant is not known to be more deadly than its predecessors, but it is believed to be more transmissible. The best method to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and variants, is to wear a mask when indoors and to receive the COVID vaccine and boosters shots. 

The United States has just had its first recorded case of the new variant in California. The individual that currently has the Omicron variant had been in Africa and traveled from Africa to America on the 22nd of November. They tested positive on November 29th. Their close contacts all tested negative for any variant of COVID. This individual was fully vaccinated but did not have their booster shot.