JHS Student Council

We here at Juniata High School, are so grateful to be returning to a more “normal” school day. With the ease of restrictions and safety protocols, the Juniata Student Council has been able to resume planning and holding activities to enhance and better student life. From providing free prom attire to JHS and EJHS students, to hosting pep rallies and school contests, to running food drives for the Juniata County Food Pantry, Student Council has been very busy. However, as our school year is quickly coming to a close, we are already looking to the future and setting additional plans to help make school more enjoyable and inclusive to all students regardless of financial status. 

The Color Run!

  1. Eliminate sport activity fees for the 2022-2023 school year. Currently students must pay a fee to participate in any school sponsored sport.

  2. Help to purchase a new sound board for our music department and drama club, which would enhance their concerts and plays.

  3. Continue working with the athletic director to re-establish school sponsored physicals which would eliminate a participation barrier for some of our student athletes.

  4. Create a general fund to help support students in need of proper equipment for respective extracurriculars.

Juniata High School Student Council is seeking your help by pledging to be a sponsor of our color run. By being a sponsor, you would be making a positive impact on many of our students, with 100% of the money raised by this event going directly back to the students of JHS and TJHS. We have set several reward levels based on various donation amounts, please see the attached form. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration, and we hope you will consider being a sponsor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our advisors who can provide you with additional information. 


Juniata High School Student Council

Angie Bryner

Riley Shertzer


Below are our incentive levels for 2022-2023. Note: Higher levels also earn the incentives for the corresponding lower level. For example, a donation of $250 would earn you levels 1, 2, and 3. 

Level 1-Copper(less than $100): Your organization/business listed on our event page as a sponsor

Level 2- Bronze ($100-$249): Quarterly newsletters detailing events Student Council is sponsoring and space to set up at the event to network with participants

Level 3-Silver($250-$499): name/logo on the back of event T-shirts

Level 4-Gold($500-$749): name/logo on sponsor banner that will be displayed at all Juniata sporting events and school functions

Level 5-Platinum ($750 and above): Sponsor of a color station along the race route. Your name/logo will be displayed at the color station as the station sponsor.

Please complete the following and return with your donation. Donations should be returned to Juniata High School Attn: Student Council 3931 William Penn Highway Mifflintown 17059. Checks may be made out to Juniata High School Student Council.

Business Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Business Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________

Contact Number: _____________________________________________________________________

Donation Amount: ___________________________________________________________________

Preferred Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

For Donations of $100 or more, will you be setting up at the event?   _____yes     _____no

Who should we contact regarding set up? Name: ___________________________                                                                               email/phone: ___________________________

*For donations of $250 or more please attach a copy of your business logo for us to use.