This week on our knock-off version of Buzzfeed Unsolved, Jack, Emma, and I explored the haunting of the all-girls school that actually wasn’t there. As we trekked through the graveyard at approximately 9:30, we had high hopes. Emma and I were very prepared, being dressed up as Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. With nothing but our phones and a video camera, we started our adventure. To say it was a bust… would be an understatement. The scariest thing was Jack urging us to turn off our flashlights to see if his Vitamin C was working. As we walked closer to what was supposed to be our first location, it was evident that we had no clue what we were doing. That was even more evident when we found out the girls' school burned down. Realizing this, we made our way over to the Academy across the street. However, since it was very late, it was not open. The only thing to come from the first stop was some good video camera footage. At our next stop on our epic adventure, we had a little more fun. There was nothing spooky, but we did entertain ourselves by getting even more camera footage. Despite nothing paranormal happening, we did truly prepare ourselves for it. Overall, despite our preparation of listening to ghost songs, we did not see anything spooky. Regardless of our lack of ghosts, the question still remains: Are ghosts real?