Prom night

We awoke on the morning of April 30th, 2022 to bright sunshine and no rain in the forecast. It was a beautiful day outside for prom. As everyone prepared for what the night had in store for us, this year’s incredible prom committee worked out all of the last-minute details.

With hair and makeup done and dresses and tuxedos on, prom-goers headed off to various scenic spots throughout our beautiful county to capture the day forever. After taking pictures, many students made their way to the high school where the “promenade” occurred. There were various photo opportunities and plenty of space for all of the parents to admire everyone all dressed up. For the first time in two years, prom was back to normal. After walk-ins and plenty of photography, everyone made their way to Annsfield for a night of dancing and memory-making.

The beautiful weather continued as everyone arrived. Although there was not much dancing at first, everyone enjoyed getting to talk and mingle. As the sun began to go down, the DJ livened up the music. The boys hung their jackets on chairs and the girls took off their heels to dance. The dancing continued until 10:00 when everyone gathered up their things and headed home to change for after prom at the high school. 

Afterprom included a mechanical bull, bouncy house race, cornhole and volleyball tournaments, prize raffles, and many other games and activities to keep us awake until 5:00 a.m. the next morning. After the final prizes were raffled, everyone was able to make it home just in time for the sun to begin rising. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was exhausted and spent the next day sound asleep, dreaming about the memorable night behind us.

Check out the link below to see this year’s prom attendees all dressed up!