Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for for a long long time has finally come! No, I don’t mean graduation; I mean the release of Harry Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House! This album was released at midnight on May 20th, and I’ve already listened to it at least five times. I am a Harry Styles fanatic through and through, so I was very excited when this album was announced back in March. Styles’ second studio album, Fine Line, was released in December of 2019, so this new album was a long time coming. Without further ado, here’s my official review from the point of view of a fangirl.

With what he claims to be his “most personal album yet’, Styles had me feeling a whirlwind of different emotions as I listened to this album. Opening with Music For a Sushi Restaurant, you get hit with a pleasant mix of upbeat drums, synth, and a bass line that makes you want to get up and dance. As the album progresses however, you get hit with some deeper meanings that are woven into these funky beats. His single from this album, As It Was, is what I can only describe as a door into Harry Styles’ brain as it is his way of opening up about his fears of being alone and the changes his life has gone through, all overtop of a fun instrumental. This song definitely finds a way to make you question if you should be singing and dancing along or crying.

This album covers topics of love, family issues, fears, heartbreak, friendship, and finding your home. “I think for me home is just about friends,” Styles stated in an interview with NPR Music. This theme shines through lots of the songs on this album, and as a senior who will be leaving many of her close friends over the next few months, it’s easy to say that this theme hits close to home (no pun intended). So no matter if you’re looking for a song that expresses things that you can’t, you’re a fan of Harry Styles and his works, or if you’re just looking for some new music, I definitely recommend this album to you.