There is a common question floating around with the summer season coming up is: Where is the best place to go on vacation that is close to me? As a vacation enthusiast (I never leave my house) I’ll tell you just the places. All of these places are also located right in the county! Truly a tourist hotspot! Let’s get started!

Number Five: The Juniata River

Looking for just a day trip to do some fun activities? Well the Juniata River is the place for you. There are so many fun activities that you can do like kayaking or fishing. You can go to have fun or just to relax. There are so many possibilities!

Number Four: The Central Juniata Park Pool

Next up, another water related activity! The Central Juniata Park Pool is a great place to chill out and get a tan or swim around and have fun in the pool! They also have a food stand with a variety of snacks! Make sure to ask them to make you a snow cone, they will be glad to make you one! (Please don’t, they’re actually quite difficult)

Number Three: Moist Run Park

(Not an actual image)

What is not to love about this endearing park? You can do so many things at this park! It is fun for people of all ages, from babies to elders! The park has a ton of room to either play or even throw a picnic! 

Number Two: A Random Tree 

Find it. Climb it. Conquer the tree. Become the tree king. 

Number One: A Random Field

It can be any random field! There are so many! Too many! You can… I don’t know? Frolick? Pick corn? Something!