Next spring, students at JHS will be learning basic archery skills in gym class. They will be shooting from 10-15 meters inside the gymnasium. Safety will be top priority during this unit. There will be set rules and whistle commands as well as a safe backdrop. Usually this course would take 10 class periods, but it will be tailored to fit the needs of JHS. Students will be expected to learn self discipline and how to participate in an individual sport in a group setting. Archery will be open to everyone, including students with physical disabilities.  Every year, 1.4 billion kids participate in the Core Archery program. Larry Wise will be coming in to help teach the course. He has been shooting for 66 years and has won multiple archery titles, including a world championship. He is a Level four USA archery certified coach. You can pick up a copy of his newest book in the school library. He says, "If archery is popular in JHS, there will be the possibility of an Archery team that meets after school as well."