Catching Big Fish, Big Crabs, and Big Dreams 

On Tuesday, September 6th, Nick Tokman, also known as “Sunshine” from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest catch, came to Juniata High school to encourage students to follow their paths in life. For three periods, Tokman walked the assembly through his life, teaching us the lessons he learned along the way. He inspired students to use their voices to navigate the four obstacles of life; the belief that what we want to do is impossible; the idea that what we want to do will hurt others we love; the fear of defeats on the path; and fear of realizing the dream you fought for will not come true. Despite the obstacles, Tokman told students, “Act on what you want to do.” He also warned them not to be led astray by tangible, unimportant things. He says, “As you go through life, do not let money lead you away from what you really want and what matters most to you.” Nick Tokman says he believes all bad things happen for a reason, and nothing is a coincidence. He also encourages students to take time to connect with themselves every day because we can only be as good to others as we are to ourselves. 

Nick Tokman also showed off his dancing skills on the JHS stage. He was not only joined but, in my opinion, shown up by Aidan Gardner, who took Tokmans lessons of being your own captain to heart. Embodying the spirit of the assembly, Aidan said, “For those of you who say I’m cringeworthy, I have something to say to you too. You’re cringeworthy!” This act is a prime example of not letting anyone else’s opinions lead you off the path of who you are and who you want to be. In addition to stellar dance moves, Tokman serenaded students with his version of My Life by Bon Jovi. Eventually, the entire assembly joined in on the singing by singing happy birthday to Quincy Lewis. 

Nick Tokman and Aidan Gardner 

Jorge Valladares, Nick Tokman, and Ethan Espitia

Nick Tokman and Waylon Ehrenzeller

Waylon Ehrenzeller’s arm signed by Nick Tokman 

Drake Ritter, Darin Kint, Nick Tokman, Emily Rook, Jessica Maben, Lily Hardin, and Kayanna Kristula