Art by Mrs. Shepler’s students

This September, our art teacher Mrs. Shepler will be putting art up on the wall above the entrance to the school. The plan is to spell out “JUNIATA” with all the art. To be more specific, the drawings are going to be arranged in the formation of the letters that spell out Juniata. This project will be 70 feet long, and each letter will be 10’ x 9’. The drawings will represent everything JHS offers, including clubs such as the Newspaper, Art, Drama, Key, and SADD clubs. Activities and sports will also be represented along the wall. Football, golf, cheer, baseball, wrestling, student council, and FFA will be hung on the wall. The wall will even showcase all classes too! English, History, Math, Science, etc. will be featured on the wall. Mrs. Shepler’s art class students have helped make all of the drawings. Her art club has also pitched in to help too. Once the art wall is finally completed, please take a moment to look at the art the students worked very hard to make. You may even consider joining the art club to help us make more amazing projects like this to improve our school! Make sure to thank Mrs. Shepler for the idea of the art wall and for contributing to making JHS unique!