The 2022 Juniata County Marching Band’s field show takes you through a bad breakup. The band starts off the show with Lady GaGa’s hit song, Bad Romance. Next it goes into Sir Elton John's song, Don’t go breaking my Heart. This takes the listener through the bad relationship and almost to the breakup. After the breakup happens the band goes into Shake it off by Taylor Swift. To show that they really didn’t matter, the show ends with Olivia Rodrigo’s trending song, Good 4 u. Some of the shapes on the field include a broken heart, a diamond ring, and a monkey baby (described from Mr. Eargle, the marching band director). You can also catch some nice solo work in these songs. In the second song of the field show there is a brass section trade off. With the low-brass taking the first solo then the trumpets, pinging back to the low brass. 

Bad relationship, but a very good show.

Interview with Rad Brad (Band Director)

Favorite part of the show?

Brad: ⅔ in of ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’, I really enjoy that formation!

Favorite stand tune?

Brad: That's tough. Hey baby. A lot of people like that song, it brings the most joy out of everyone.

Favorite part of marching band? 

Brad: The kids get a lot of performing opportunities then a normal band. Pretty much they get a concert every week unlike normal bands where it’s two or three a year.

Will there be a lawn mower section next year?