From triumphs to defeats, between epic highs and lows, it’s been a tough year for the EJ Field Hockey team. Nonetheless, they’re winning in spirit! With only twelve people on the team and only eleven to play, it’s physically and mentally challenging to go out to every game repeatedly. Yet these girls find it within themselves to keep on playing. Under Jodi Strawser's coaching, along with her assistant coaches' help, I have seen my teammates' skills improve significantly. I’m happy to say we’re doing the best we can. Our goalies, Nevaeh Sheeler and Ellie Lukens have saved the team more than once, with 146 total saves between the two of them this year. That’s not to go without recognizing all of the hard work our players on the field are doing this year, with 37 shots on goal and 11 goals thus far. We hope to add many more to those numbers in the coming games. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s not over yet. Still, I would like to acknowledge and commemorate the hard work and dedication these girls have given to this sport and the loyalty and devotion they offer to their teammates.