With the MLB regular season now in the books, the 2022 Postseason has started. With the new postseason format now in place there are more teams participating in the playoffs. The old postseason format had 8 teams competing for the World Series, now the format has 12 total teams in the bracket. Let’s see this year’s postseason teams

National League winners

First seed- Los Angeles Dodgers

Second seed- Atlanta Braves

Third seed- St. Louis Cardinals

Fourth seed- New York Mets

Fifth seed- San Diego Padres 

Sixth seed- Philadelphia Phillies 

The Dodgers had the top record in the MLB with an 111-51 regular season record and won their division to clinch yet another NLDS spot. The Braves upset the Mets by Taking the NL East crown from the Mets, which were favored to win the division. The Cardinals also won their division title for the second since 2021, a great send off to some of their legends that retire this year. The Mets still got a ride to the postseason after being left behind in the 2021 season, as they finished 2nd in the NL East standings. The Padres made it to the playoffs after a 53 year drought brought them to the wildcard series. The final seed Phillies had a miracle at the end of the season ending their 11 year drought, this is their first postseason appearance since the 2011 postseason.

American League winners

First seed- Houston Astros

Second seed- New York Yankees

Third seed- Cleveland Guardians 

Fourth Seed- Toronto Blue Jays

Fifth seed- Seattle Mariners

Sixth seed- Tampa Bay Rays

The Astros had the best record in the AL with a 106-56 regular season record as they have been in the playoffs for 5 years straight. The Yankees had the second best record in the AL as they had a fully loaded roaster that destroyed any team in front of them. The Yankees won their division as they lost their wildcard game to the Red Sox last postseason. The Guardians won a spot as they became the youngest team in baseball to do so, this is their first time in the postseason since 2020. The Blue Jays made it to the playoffs after almost making it last year but they came back and are determined to advance and win a championship. The Mariners had a 21 year playoff drought, since 2001, but they won the chance at glory with a walkoff home run that led them to the playoffs in 2022. The Rays had a small fall from grace as they finished 3rd in the AL east, last year they won their division and made it as far as the ALDS but no farther than that.

Dates for the playoffs

AL Wild Card Series (starts Oct. 7)

Best-of-three format (all games at higher seed)

Rays (6) at Guardians (3)

Mariners (5) at Blue Jays (4)

NL Wild Card Series (Oct. 7)

Best-of-three format (all games at higher seed)

Phillies (6) at Cardinals (3)

Padres (5) at Mets (4)

AL Division Series (starts Oct. 11)

Best-of-five format

Mariners/Blue Jays at Astros

Rays/Guardians at Yankees

NL Division Series (starts Oct. 11)

Best-of-five format

Padres/Mets at Dodgers

Phillies/Cardinals at Braves

The winners of the American and National League Division Series will be announced as soon as the 4 NL and AL series end.