The National League and American League Wildcard series were hot and exciting. Here are the winners that have advanced to their corresponding League Division Series.

American League Wildcard Winners

Tampa Bay Rays


Cleveland Guardians

(Cleveland wins series 2-0)

The Guardians punched their ticket to the ALDS with a walk off home run in the 15th inning! The Guardians are scheduled to play with the New York Yankees in the ALDS. 

Seattle Mariners


Toronto Blue Jays

(Seattle wins series 2-0)

The mariners came back from a 7 run game to win 10-9 to clinch and advance to the ALDS with the Houston Astros. They are the 4th team in baseball to advance to the ALDS with a high run disadvantage.

National League Wildcard winners

Philadelphia Phillies


St. Louis Cardinals

(Philadelphia wins series 2-0)

The Phillies shutout the Cardinals as they win their first playoff series since 2010. This was also the last game of legends, Albert Pujols, and Yadier Molina as 2022 was their last season. The Phillies are scheduled to play their NL East division rivals, the Atlanta Braves.

San Diego Padres


New York Mets

(San Diego wins series 2-1)

The Padres came back and won the 3rd and final game to advance to the NLDS and will head off with the dodgers. The Mets failed terribly to stay in the postseason race, but the Padres have made it further than expected and only allowed only one hit against the Mets and almost no hit against the team that was expected to be in the world series this year. A sad end to the Mets season. 

We will report the winners of the National and American League Division series winners as soon as the series ends.