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The MLB Winter Meetings brought mixed feelings to some teams. Here are some of the biggest trades that have been made official.

Trea Turner 

Los Angeles Dodgers to Philadelphia Phillies 

11 years 

$300 million 

This trade powers up the city of brotherly love, as Trea Turner is one of the best shortstops in the MLB. Trea Turner is one of the fastest players in the MLB, with 230 lifetime stolen bases. 

Cody Bellinger 

Los Angeles Dodgers to Chicago Cubs

1 Year 

$17.5 million

The Cubs have received Bellinger, even though he's in a slump only hitting 0.21 in 2022, he can probably give the cubs a chance at the playoffs in 2023.

Kenley Jansen

Atlanta Braves to Boston Red Sox

2 years

$32 million 

The best closer in baseball joins the Red Sox to rebuild the team that once made it to the ALCS but fell to the Astros in 2021. We'll see if Boston gets back on track.

Xander Bogaerts

Boston Red Sox to San Diego Padres 

11 years

$280 million

The Xan man, an original member of the Red Sox 2013 World Series team, leaves the bean town for the hot west in hopes of helping SD as the new shortstop after Fernando Tatis Jr was tested for PEDs and will miss the first 20 games of the season due to an 80 game suspension.

Aaron Judge

Stays with New York Yankees

9-year extension 

$360 million 

The Judge stays in NY after a record-breaking season, hitting 62 home runs and breaking Roger Maris's record of 61 home runs. With this extension, Judge is destined to become the next Yankees Captain.

Taijuan Walker

New York Mets to Philadelphia Phillies 

4 years 

$72 million

The hurler from the Mets comes to the Phils and hunts for another pennant for Philadelphia. Walker finished the 2022 season with a solid 3.49 era. With this trade, the Phillies look to better their bullpen.

Brandon Nimmo

Stays with New York Mets

8-year extension 

$162 million

Nimmo has been with the Mets since the start of his career in 2016. There was speculation of him joining another franchise but decided to stay with the Mets. He is still one of the best center fielders in 2022. The Mets are still trying to grow back from elimination in the wild card by San Diego.

Jacob deGrom

New York Mets to Texas Rangers

5 years 

$162 million

The Mets veteran goes to the south. One of the best, if not the greatest, starting pitchers of our generation, seeks a postseason run for the rangers. With deGrom joining Texas, the ex-manager for the San Francisco Giants, Bruce Bochy also joins the rangers.

Justin Verlander

Houston Astros to New York Mets

2 years

$86.7 million and includes a $35 million vesting option for 2025

The 2022 AL Cy Young winner joins his old counterpart, Max Shertzer. After winning the 2022 World Series, Verlander left H town for the Mets. I’m not sure if he'll retire after the 2023 season, there is no comment on his retirement yet.

Wilson Contreras 

Chicago Cubs to St. Louis Cardinals

5 years 

$82.5 million

The power-hitting catcher joins the Cards as the new catcher, after Yadier Molina's retirement with Albert Pujols. In the trade deadline of 2022 in August, there was speculation that he would leave Chicago, but decided to play out the 2022 season until the winter meetings.

These are some of the major trades that have affected or supported the teams they are going to play for.