Finally, after a torturous delay, JHS students had the pleasure of watching Ms. Storey’s last speech class Christmas skit. This year’s show was a crowd-pleaser for all of JHS. Funny jokes were spread throughout the skit, and there was even some live wrestling at one point! This year's skit was called “Elves Gone Rogue.” It was written by the senior speech classes in 2023. Usually, there are multiple skits, but because of the small number of students, there was only one skit this year. The students were broken up into groups and worked together to create different scenes in the skit. In the skit, Santa cut the elves' wages due to inflation. This angered a group of bad elves, who decided it was time to ruin Christmas. Two reindeer, Rudolph and Cupid, and Mrs. Clause, who were fed up with the lack of credit and attention for all they do at Christmas, joined the elves in their devious plan. The reindeer tangled the sleigh, and the elves stole presents. In the middle of stealing presents, they were caught but escaped through the auditorium on the backs of the reindeer. After being caught trying to steal the lists, which was Mrs. Clause's idea, the two elves were brought in for questioning, where one elf fessed up about what they were doing. Later, one of the bad elves got into a fight with Santa, and the good elf stood up for him. They decide to sort it out by wrestling, and the good elf wins! In the end, all of the frustrations are told to Santa, and they decide to deliver the presents together as a family and work out the elves’ pay. This skit was a great one and brought a smile to everyone’s face. Awesome job, speech class of 2023!