This is the second year since the Juniata County Air Rifle team has started back up in the Juniata County School District after the two-year break of no team. The team has had a bit of a rough season. They have sadly lost all but one meet. On the bright side of this, there is room for the team to grow and improve. Luckily though, the meet that they won put them into districts. The team has players from both Juniata and East Juniata. They practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, working on their skills. They have competed in numerous meets, traveling as far as Dubois to participate. It was an eye-opening experience for the whole team to go and see how other teams perform. Most of the Air Rifle team will conclude their season with a banquet on February 6th. For the ten lucky people who were top scorers of the year, they will move on to a district championship. Hopefully, they can pull through and win one! Good luck with the last game and next season!