JHS continued its tradition of Spirit Week last week, starting with Comfy Day, then proceeding with Flannel Day, Hat Day, Neon Colors Day, and concluding with School Colors Day, where a pep rally was held during eighth period (my condolences if you were looking forward to whatever eighth-period class you had last Friday). As students flooded the gymnasium, a sense of joy built in anticipation of the events that were about to unfold. The pep got peppier as the JHS marching band serenaded all four classes with smash-hit songs like Ozzy Ozzbourne’s “Crazy Train” and Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” Eventually, senior (Yay!) and school staff (Boo!) gentlemen matched up toe-to-toe in a game of basketball and interchanged with each group’s respective ladies every quarter. At the end of each round, random students who participated in all five days of Spirit Week were called to earn official JHS merch that they can now show off to all their friends in the hallways from here on. Halfway through the game, JHS cheerleaders matched Freshmen and Sophomores against Juniors and Seniors in a “We Are / Big Red” screaming battle, in which the upperclassmen won. The games concluded with staff getting floored each round. Better luck next pep rally!

 Please note that the competitions in this pep rally were entirely friendly and my snarky comments are all jokes. Stop being overly cynical and support your homies! A great time was had by all!

*Photos to come.