The 65th annual Grammy awards were held this past Sunday, here are some highlights. 

To start the show they chose rising Latin rapper, Bad Bunny to perform his song El Apagon. He was accompanied by an entire Latin rhythm section, a horn section, and large characters representing famous Puerto Ricans. This performance was electric and gave the whole room energy. He had everyone dancing including Taylor Swift! 

This performance was unexpected and a different combo. What made this great was the grove that they both made together with their styles combining. On stage was a group of men that reminded me of the Jackson 5 with their harmonies and dance moves, this was a nice touch to celebrate RnB music. They would trade verses and add little riffs to the song. This had the floor dancing and singing along. 

The biggest event of the night was the celebration of 50 years of the hip-hop genre. This performance had LL Cool J, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more classic artists celebrate the legacy of hip-hop. Lil Wayne performed with Salt n Pepa, the whole show was produced by Questlove. 

Overall the Grammys this year were pretty good. It was heartwarming to see all the musicians support each other and not fight. The only thing I think was wrong was the host. Trevor Noah told some jokes that weren't okay to hear on TV if you wanted to watch this with your family. He was very unprofessional and loose. I didn't appreciate this for a Grammy host. The things I would take away from this is that Latin music is coming into the mainstream and that Bad Bunny is really starting something new. We saw Shakira influence pop music with her Latin influence but I would compare Bad Bunny's influence to Santana's. They both completely swept the mainstream of music during their time. I would also add that Harry Styles is bringing back the concert type musician. Ever since his 15 night run at Madison Square Garden, his album has been selling in unbelievable amounts and he even won album of the year! It's good to see this coming back, I would say that he's going to tour and tour to promote his albums. He had a great idea that came from a touring band, Phish who did a zero repeat 13 night run at MSG. I praise both Bad Bunny and Harry Styles for bringing these back into the music industry!